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ThumbnailPrecious Moments Learning Center strives to create and maintain a family oriented, clean, safe and nurturing environment. We believe it is imperative to work in collaborative effort with families to impart Christian values. In doing so, we believe we are teaching our children to be responsible and productive citizens as well as preparing them for the next phase of their academic education. We strive to build and maintain positive relationships. Our goal is to assist in guiding children in being whole in every aspect of their lives.


Precious Moments Learning Center focuses on the essential tools needed to build the required framework to advance how we care for our children as well as how we prepare them for academic success. Our caregivers; in partnership with our parents/guardians is the basic foundation that ensures the success of our students and our center.

We focus daily on:

  • Fostering positive self-images
  • Developing social skills
  • Enhancing language development
  • Encouraging thinking, reasoning, questioning and experimenting
  • Developing healthy and nutritional practices
  • Encouraging creative expression
  • Respect cultural diversity


Image Map
  • Homestead Location
  • 10620 Homestead Road
    Houston, Texas 77016
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  • Phone: 713-633-5437
    Hours of Operation:
    5:30am to 8:00pm
  • Infant Location
  • 10615 Homestead Road
    Houston, Texas 77016
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  • Phone: 713-633-7601
    Hours of Operation:
    6:00am to 8:00pm
  • Langley Location
  • 6113 Langley Road
    Houston, Texas 77016
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  • Phone: 281-888-3922
    Hours of Operation:
    24 hrs Monday thru Thursday
    Friday with 48 hours notice
    Saturday 5:00 am to midnight
  • Veterans Location:
  • 11944 Veterans Memorial
    Houston, Texas 77067
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  • Phone: 281-893-5757
    Hours of Operation:
    5:00am – 9pm