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Transportation is provided for children who are actively enrolled in Precious Moments and residing in an approved zip code. Hours of transportation is 6:00am to 6:00pm; Monday through Friday. Routes have been established to depart Center at 5:45am to 8:30am and 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Transportation space is limited; therefore, not guaranteed. Transportation includes to and from home as well as to and from school to the Center.

Precious Moments is accountable for every child we transport. Parents/guardians are required to notify PMLC if your child will not be riding the van. This includes to and from home as well as to and from school. Parent/guardian cooperation regarding this matter is essential to PMLC transportation department prompt and timely running of route; drivers are not required to give courtesy calls, but may do so at their discretion. They are required to blow twice and wait (3) minutes for pickup and drop off. Please be mindful of your general pickup and drop off times and be prepared for van arrival. If a driver is running behind schedule, parents/guardians will receive a courtesy call from the center. Precious Moments reserves the right to access a $5 transportation fee for each residential dry run.

Precious Moments Learning Center’s procedure for release policy is applicable to transportation; all authorized contacts must be listed for home drop off. *Precious Moments staff will not leave a child with anyone not listed/authorized. Should a child need to be returned to the center, a parent/guardian may have the child returned home for a $5.00 fee or the child may be picked up from the center by an authorized person. All additional fees are due with the following weekly payment.

*NOTE: The driver may ask to see identification for unfamiliar contacts.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and Childcare Minimum Standards requires that all children under age 17 wear safety restraints and/or be in a child safety seat when being transported (Reference: Subchapter X, §746.5607 thru §746.5615). The Center provides a basic booster for children requiring a safety set. However, parents/guardians must provide the age; height and weight appropriate safety seat for children requiring any other type of safety seat i.e. rear facing or convertible safety seat. PMLC will not transport children without the proper safety seat.

Precious Moments drivers become your child’s caregiver while transporting, therefore the safety of your child as well as others is our primary concern (Reference: Transportation Guidelines). With that, it is imperative that your child follows instructions and conducts himself/herself as if he/she was in the classroom. Children must remain in their seat belt and/or safety seat at all times.

PMLC has implemented the following infractions for non-compliance:

1st – Verbal Warning – Child/Parent
2nd – Written Warning – Parent
3rd – Suspension from childcare service; not to exceed (3) days.

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